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"A fabulous resource, connecting young people all over the country, and all over the world, about issues that matter. This is the Internet at its best." - Maggie Jones, freelance writer for The New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones Magazine, The Washington Post, and Parenting Magazine.

BC Professor, Students Designing Web Forum for Youths Affected by Katrina, The Boston College Chronicle, Oct. 20, 2005, Vol. 14, No. 4. "The devastation unleashed by Hurricane Katrina has been all too visible. But less obvious is the psychic toll the disaster is taking on people, says Asst. Prof. Belle Liang (LSOE), especially adolescents displaced by the storm. In addition to requiring basics like food, water,clothing and shelter, young people affected by the disaster have a need for friends and community." That is why she and more than 40 graduate and undergraduate students are planning a Web site that will give adolescents displaced by Katrina a safe forum to express themselves and connectwith each other in creative ways. Read more at:  

THE LANDSCAPE POST-KATRINA, National Service Briefing, Nov. 7, 2005, Vol. 12, No. 43. **GenerationPulse Mobilizes Young People to Reach out to Youth Displaced by Hurricane Katrina GenerationPULSE, an effort headed by Boston College faculty and students,is mobilizing young people nationwide to reach out to youth displaced by Katrina via a new Web community. Young people are submitting writing, visual arts, and photography. Submissions focus on either Hurricane Katrina or other topics related to youth culture. The official site is scheduled to be launched in December, but a temporary site now seeks contributions from students aged 13 to 25.  

GenerationPULSE Receives Youth Service Award! GenerationPulse was awarded a State Farm® Good Neighbor Service-Learning grant and recognition by Youth Service America as a Leading Service-Learning Project to be presented to public and policy-makers on National & Global Youth Service Day. The project was selected for its potential in combining community service with curriculum-based learning. For a listing of the 2006 National & Global Youth Service Day State Farm Service-Learning Grant winners, please go to: http// As the Presenting Sponsor of National Youth Service Day 2006, State Farm Companies Foundation is committed to supporting Youth Service America's service-learning initiatives through financial support as well as employee and agent involvement. National & Global Youth Service Day, thelargest service event in the world, mobilizes young people to identify and address community needs through service, supports youth on a life-long path of service and civic engagement, and educates the public about the role of youth as leaders and assets.