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Meet the GenPulse Team!



arielleArielle graduated from Boston College this spring, she plans to continue her studies in the university's master's program of Social Work.  She loves to work with children and hopes to someday work with youth who are facing chronic or terminal illness or who have been though trauma or violence on an international scale.  When she's not trying to figure out how to save the world, she loves to get ice cream with her friends or wonderful sister Kara.  She has two puppies, a great family and loves to sing.  Arielle is so excited to continue her work with GenerationPulse and meet so many wonderful people!


Ashley loves working with youth and encouraging them to be agents of social change.  ashley
Just before graduating from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Business Administration and Accounting, Ashley found her pulse in education. Ashley discovered she wanted to educate individuals on social injustices and to empower youth to change the world. Ashley came to Boston College to pursue a masters degree in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology with a focus on Community Psychology and Social Justice. Ashley spends her time volunteering for youth outreach programs that foster leadership development and youth activism. When Ashley’s not researching or volunteering her time, she loves playing with her puppy and watching the seasons change in Boston. Ashley loves dark chocolate, random acts of thoughtfulness, and meeting new people. 


Thus far, Alexis's life has been full.  Living and learning in New Jersey, Baltimore, Italy and now Boston.   Alexis has been cultivating her knowledge in the field of human development, education, psychology and broadcast media.   Spreading positive messages is her soul purpose.  During her graduate studies at Boston College, Alexis collaborated on several different projects geared toward providing young people the greatest educational opportunities possible… to be able to fulfill their own purposeful lives.  In her free time, Alexis enjoys live music, the surf, mountains, reading, jogging, biking, surfing, kayaking, playing tennis, basketball, golf, playing the guitar, and many other activities that enhance her life.  You will usually find her with family and friends laughing and smiling. 


Beiming is now a sophomore at Boston College in the Lynch School of Education, earning her degrees in human development and economics.  She is really excited to be a new member on the Street Team of GenPulse and as an International student from China, she shows her great interests in social justice and social interactions among people across the world.  She found her pulse after working with a group of disabled children in the Campus School of Boston College, and educating people to make a positive difference in the world has become her long-term career goal.  In her leisure time, Beiming enjoys readings, shopping, playing the piano, taking walks and watching Korean dramas.  She also loves different kinds of food and chocolate is one of her favorites.  

Cara enjoys her time at GenerationPulse working with the team to produce content for the Explore section, as she believes learning about and educating others on global and psychological issues is the first step towards making positive change in the world. She found her pulse while working with a class of underprivileged preschool children to build their early literacy skills through the Jumpstart program. The improvements she saw in her children throughout the year encouraged in her a passion for social justice. She is currently a junior at Boston College, pursuing majors in Human Development and Communication, as well as a minor in English. In her leisure time, Cara loves reading, taking walks, and playing in music ensembles; she has played the flute for 11 years, and piccolo for 6.


danniDanni is Junior at Boston College in the Lynch School of Education, studying human development and human resources management. She joined the genpulse team at the start of her sophomore year of college, and is currently the Share Administrator. After being a student in Professor Liang's Adolescent Psychology class and participating in the postcards project, she knew that she had to get more involved. She is currently a teaching assistant for Professor Liang, helping new BC students join genpulse and get creative. In addition to Generation Pulse, Danni has been an active participant in Relay for Life, an event hosted by the American Cancer Society, and a volunteer at the Campus School, helping severely disabled kids age 3 to 21, in their music therapy sessions. While she has volunteered much in the area, Generation Pulse is Danni's way of helping a greater, global cause. Outside of community service, Danni enjoys playing rugby on the club team at BC, and gives tours to prospective students. Genpulse is her first social justice project and she is very excited to continue her experience on the team.


Kate is a student at Boston College earning her degrees in Secondary Education and English. kateShe is also earning a minor in French, because she loves the language and the country. Kate will be spending the fall of 2010 in France, where she plans to continue her work with GenPulse by raising awareness in youth about current issues in the world. She enjoys playing music with two groups on campus, the University Winds Ensemble and BCbOp!, both in which she plays the enormous bass trombone. She also spends much of her time working in a café, where she gets to help people make it through the day with espresso and really big cookies. In her free time, Kate enjoys reading, cooking (but mostly baking), and being barefoot. Her favourite colour is gray, and she drives all of her professors insane by spelling words like 'favourite' and 'colour' the correct (and British) way.


kellyKelly is excited to be a new member of the GenPulse team. Because of her love for personal development and community development through innovative approaches, Kelly joined as the Financial Director to make it possible for GenPulse to give others greater opportunity to find their pulse. She graduated from William & Mary with a B.A. in Psychology and is currently working towards a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Boston College. She enjoys empowering others to create change, working with youth, as well as rallying support from schools, parents, and communities around academic and personal development for youth. Aside from learning from and with others, Kelly is a big fan of a cappella (and the TV show Glee), tomatoes, cooking, pink, and making people laugh.


Lindsay has always had a passion for writing and now has foundlindsay a meaningful way to use this passion to help others by conveying the issues around the world through her writing. Lindsay is a sophomore at Boston College where she is on Deans List and majoring in Human Development with a minor in Fine Art. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys surfing, playing with her dogs and cats, traveling, making postcards for survivors in Haiti and reading the New York Times. Lindsay found her pulse as an active writer and researcher, which has opened her eyes to global issues and inspired her to make a difference.



marybethMary Beth hopes to make career counseling and vocational services more inclusive to the needs of marginalized groups. She found her pulse as researcher in under-served areas of New York City where she worked to improve health services for disadvantaged women. Mary Beth is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in counseling psychology at Boston College where she is currently studying the effects of unemployment on the mental health of working class and working poor individuals. She also works with urban high school students who are preparing for college. In her spare time, Mary Beth loves to run and spend time outside.  



Since she was a young girl, Meg has had a passion for megcommunity service, activism, and justice.  This passion started out rather broad while she was growing up in New Jersey: volunteering at the food bank and nursing home, organizing a neighborhood Kids vote, tutoring, and writing letters to her mayor, the President, and many other politicians.  As a high school student and later as a student at Boston College, Meg’s educational experiences provided the knowledge and tools necessary to act for social justice in a focused and intentional manner.  While still broadly volunteering, Meg is pleased to have found a focused path of graduate study and counseling career that upholds her social justice values.  She has been with GenerationPulse since its inception in 2005 and worn many hats, as it were, over the years.  When she is not working on GenPulse, studying psychology, or volunteering, Meg enjoys dancing, learning Spanish, crafting, cooking (and eating) and sipping a good cup of tea.


nicoleNicole enjoys working to improve access to education and healthcare in under served areas in the global community. After graduating from Boston College with a B.A. in English Literature, she found her pulse as a volunteer teacher and coach of middle schoolers at the Nativity Preparatory schools in New Bedford and Boston, MA. She has returned to Boston College to pursue her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology with an interest in studying individual and community responses to trauma and violence. Nicole loves to spend her time mentoring young people and volunteering for organizations that creatively support education, health and well-being. When she's not working Nicole enjoys swimming in the San Francisco Bay, running marathons, traveling and sending postcards. She strongly prefers walking to driving and likes all things colored green.

Ruth loves to work with people and especially children. She is a student at Boston College and will graduate in 2012 as a Philosophy and Education major with a Math minor. A Colorado native, she enjoys being outdoors. Her favorite pastimes include soccer, basketball, running, hiking, biking, and essentially anything under the sun or in nature. She finds inspiration in sunrises and sunsets, in the changing leaves of the fall, in the blooming flowers of the spring, and in blue skies. She has a passion for life, for working with people, and for social justice. She joined the Generation Pulse team in 2009 and is looking forward to the days, months, and years ahead in which the project will progress and expand.

Sarah is a Sophomore in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College where she is majoring in Human Development and Environmental Studies.  This is her first semester participating in GenPulse which she began due to an interest in human rights and social justice.  Sarah is interested in the field of counseling psychology, yet she does not know which path she would like to pursue.  This year, she began volunteering at Samaritans, a suicide prevention hotline, which opened her eyes to many of today's social and cultural issues and stimulated her interest in human rights.  Outside of work, Sarah enjoys running, swimming and anything else that is active.  Her favorite season is summer and she would like to visit all seven continents in her lifetime.

Sophie hails from many different places in the world. Born in South Korea, Sophie has grown up since in in various cities across the Czech Republic and the United States. Her pulse is found in working with youth, families, and communities of faith in bringing healing perspectives on relationships, culture, immigration, trauma, and other social justice issues. She is currently working towards a doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Boston College. Sophie enjoys singing (jazz, R&B, rock, you name it), having meaningful (sometimes difficult) conversations with people, mentoring youth in her ethnic church and elsewhere, and being silly with friends and family.

Wei started her journey from the the southwest China, the town of wine, the first city on the upstream of Yangtze River. She is coming to realize the significance of opening up her heart before opening her eyes. She wants see the world, experiences with the locals, experiments on her ideals. She feels like the best thing in the world is to find the balance. She believes If people really wanna find one's pulse, be sure to know one's boundaries, but that's something that will never be settled until people give up trying. So in her understanding, getting to know oneself is a life-long process, an evolving and transforming work of life. "To act freely, is to act autonomously!"