Mission Statement

Collaborating in a cross-cultural community with our global generation, GenerationPulse promotes empowerment from knowledge, transformation through relationships, and social action for change. 

GenerationPulse seeks three major goals:

1.  To create a community that transcends geographical, ethnic, racial, and other differences that often divide people.
2.  To bring together creativity and energy, along with the power of the internet, to encourage, uplift, and support our global generation.
3.  And ultimately, to foster a social justice-oriented, global movement through the world wide web.

GenerationPulse is a international network of young people who seek to better themselves and others by sharing ideas through art, photography, writing, and music. By providing a safe online community, GenerationPulse invites users to exchange experiences that shape their lives, and to reach out to displaced and disenfranchised peers. Once given a voice in this community of peers from different backgrounds and social circumstances, our community members are inspired and empowered to become catalysts for social justice. GenerationPulse aims to launch a new generation of socially-conscious youth into the future by harnessing their creativity and energy. GenerationPulse is a wide open window through which people from many different approaches, beliefs, and backgrounds may come through. Yet most who come through may end up sharing a mutual vision of a world with fewer barriers between people from all walks of life. Working through the power of relationships, GenerationPulse brings together young people from around the world, to engage in critical reflection and dialogue, mutual support and education, network-building, and ultimately group action to confront social injustices on local, regional, and national levels.