GenerationPulse began in the fall of 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  Students from New Orleans and the surrounding area were displaced throughout the country and we wanted a way to connect them.  Dr. Belle Liang, a professor at Boston College in the Lynch School of Education, asked her students in Honors Adolescent Psychology if they would like to do something for students affected by Katrina and suggested the Internet as a powerful tool to achieve this.  The class split into groups: a design team was tasked with building the site and four working groups were each responsible for writing a paper for the website about a mental health issue common to adolescents.  

We collected hundreds of writing and art submissions from youth in Louisiana and Mississippi as well as more locally in our Boston community.  In the spring semester, two students (Meg Commins and Abby Uzupis) partnered with schools in New Orleans to have a handful of students create Photo Journals of their post-Katrina experiences.  These are now displayed as blogs on the current website.  This project was our first social-justice inspired outreach activity.  From here we have grown tremendously over the years, and with our growing organizational structure and website we now have the tools to connect across the world.