Back to School

Summer 2010 flew by.  Literally flew by.  10 weeks ago was the night before the first day of camp.  11 weeks ago we had just finished staff training and I was prepping the LIT program.  Time is funny.  We’ve had our staff dinner, and we’ve said many goodbyes as a lot of our camp staff returns to their various universities of study and now the school year is starting.  And funnily enough I am starting school again.

Tomorrow is my second first day of high school.  I emailed Sr. Barron at Providence Day (my 2nd-12th grade school) to see if it would be possible to sit in on his Spanish classes.  After confirming with the principal of the high school, I was granted permission to participate in Sr. Barron’s Spanish III and Spanish IV classes until I leave for Peru.  And so tomorrow I will be joining 10th, 11th, and 12th graders in their Spanish class.  Its really kind of funny, and maybe a little bit creepy.  My youngest sister is excited that I will be going back to Providence Day because it means that I get to eat lunch with her on the days that my classes back up to her lunch period.  She is starting the 6th grade tomorrow, but since it is all on the same campus, we can eat lunch together.

Last week I met with Sr. Barron to talk about the classes and to see what sort of things he would like to have me do in way to give back for allowing me to come to class.  He sees me as more of an asset than a burden, which wasn’t quite how I saw it, but he wants me to contribute my own experiences and stories with Latin America to his class.  He thinks that I can help to provide a context for the Spanish language to high school students in a way that could inspire them to learn Spanish because they want to and not to fulfill some sort of requirement.  This semester Sr. Barron is looking to focus on personal narratives.  He wants to contextualize Spanish is a way that is meaningful to students.  If you are interested in the medical field, then let’s focus on medical vocabulary.  For me, my interest is somewhat slanted towards the religious (but really there is a ton that I should learn) given my background and what I will be doing in Peru.  There will be projects, presentations, and lots of homework!   He wants me to present on my experiences in Cuernavaca and on what I am doing with JVC in Peru.  I’m looking forward to the classes and I’m hoping that I can give more back to his classes than I take away (and hopefully I’ll be taking away a lot of Spanish!)