Water-Line 2005-2006

A few blocks away from the break in the 17th street canal, it is not even the car that is the most disturbing. What looks like muck on the car and the house is actually the water line. When I first drove by I was surprised at how low it seemed to be. I mean sure it looks like about 8 feet, but I still thought that this house being so close to the breach would have had more water. The line is actually where the water stood for the weeks following the hurricane. It is pretty much a rule that if you add about 6 to 8 feet more than the line you see around the city, it will give you an accurate guess as to how much water was in that area. While this may seem a little shocking to some these are sights being seen everywhere around the city still. This is an area that has not had much help yet in the cleaning up process but these are not as horrifying a shot as it might seem to other people. I love this picture more because while the right side seems to be totally devastated, the left seems to be actually pretty normal. I think this is a pretty good representation of how the city is coming right now. There are some areas where the clean-up is already finished, but there is still a lot more work to do.