Homecoming 2005-2006

What I wish I could tell someone... Each year, Newman, like every other highschool in America, hosts its annual Homecoming. Due to the fact that this year is a little unlike any other, the Homecoming of the 2005-2006 year was not in the traditional fashion of during football season. Instead, it was held for a basketball game in the gym. Each year, each grade is given a theme and a location in the school which the students are supposed to decorate in accordance to the theme given to them. The seniors this year, my class, was given Candyland as our theme. This sign covered a wall in what Newman students call the "Commons" for the entire week. I know that I personally felt that this sign really showed everyone that we are home. Homecoming this year was not just a visit home for Alumni, it was a coming home for each and every senior, for each and every student and faculty member of Isidore Newman School.