Entry 7 - Fall 2005

I went prom dress shopping with my mom this weekend. Any girl anywhere who has ever gone shopping with her mother will understand what I’m about to say.

It was nightmarish.

With only two weeks left to go, my mother, my sister and I drove up to Baton Rouge, which is about an hour away from New Orleans. Because our shopping malls aren’t up to par yet, we decided to go to the capital of Louisiana to see if there was anything we were missing. It felt a bit like when Laura Ingalls goes to “town” on her little prairie. Anyway, once we were there, the real fun started. It was real fun.

I can honestly say that I understand where she was coming from. I know about the not-so-secret desire of all mothers to see their little caterpillar blossom into a pink taffeta and tulle covered butterfly on her first prom night. I know that that cherished dream was what prodded her to pull out the fluffiest, most rhinestoned dresses in every store. I get that. I’m an understanding person. But still.

It took about four hours of “Yes, mother, you can wear a short dress to junior prom” and “But Hope, you would look so pretty in this (repulsive) dress; try it for me, please” for the three of us to realize that we weren’t getting anywhere. We rode home dressless. My mom and I should be going to look again sometime this week. Joy of my life. This time though, I’ve decided to humor her. And, fingers crossed, we may just find the perfect dress and with it, the perfect compromise.

If this is junior prom, I’m in no rush to get married.