Entry 6 - Fall 2005

Since the Hurricane, there has been a major increase in the bug population of my house. Since the entire thing had to be gutted (such a wonderfully descriptive term), all of the hole we had patched up have now been reopened. I suppose it’s kind of similar to what would happen if suddenly Disneyland shut down and then opened again. The bugs went boohoo for awhile and then suddenly, magically, their playground was open to the public again. At last count, I saw three spiders, six daddy long legs, one mosquito and numerous unidentifiable creatures. And that was just in my room alone.

I don’t know why they chose my house, exactly. I mean, yeah, occasionally I may drop a pretzel on the floor and “forget” to pick it up, but on the whole, we’re a fairly neat family. Maybe it’s the fluffy new insulation in the walls that draws them to us. Whatever the reason, I’ll be glad when all of the little cracks in the walls have been filled and I can go back to my pre-Katrina bug policy: out of sight, out of mind.