Entry 2 - Fall 2005

What I Wish I Could Tell Someone…

…That I am afraid of microphones and large crowds.

Ever find yourself in the middle of an experience that you just know is the most embarrassing event of your life? It’s a bittersweet feeling; you are completely humiliated and yet are struck with the comforting realization that it probably won’t get any worse than this. Ever. My embarrassment can be summed up into one word likely to be understood by all.


Why does it exist? Haven’t we advanced past the days of the Neanderthal? Don’t we have lightbulbs, and iPods and caramel frozen coffee? So where is the progress? Why do we put ourselves through this?

Because it’s fun, apparently.

I survived. It’s times like those that I start to think that perhaps surviving a major national disaster is nowhere near as difficult as surviving five minutes of “Bye, Bye, Bye.”

Next Week: Further Humiliation in Traverse City, Michigan.