So much debate has been going on in Uganda about homosexuality because of the proposed bill in our Parliament.  I live in a closed in world that I never took time to think about homosexuality until recently.  I was certainly against the act because I am a Christian and the Bible opposes it and I don't know anyone personally who is a self confessed homosexual/lesbian.  I had heard had stories of people/institutions from the West that are paying young boys to "convert" them and I despised that.

Recently, I took time to read the bill and I had an opportunity read Romans 8:18-31 and then discuss with my friends.  I was surprised how my friends picked out the homosexual sin among so many sins pointed out in that part of scripture.  I don't appreciate the fact that most Ugandans keep emphasizing the fact that our culture is against this practise and they have ignored the terrible things our culture does or doesn't approve of.  They are horrible practises like corruption, adultery, gender based voilence and the worst of all child sacrifice which I pray with all my heart would receive so much attention like the homosexual bill.

A few days ago, there was a TV show on one of our local TV stations and my heart broke to see the hatred some people have towards homosexuals!  I don't support homosexuality but I longed to be given a chance to go and hug Tal Kalende the young lady, self confessed lesbian.  I went to bed thinking, what does Jesus Christ think of homosexuals?  He certainly loves them without a shadow of doubt and He is at work in their lives and I have no right to judge them. 

My prayer for my country, is that may God grant us leaders who will develop a great passion and hatred for corruption and child sacrifice like the one that has been stirred up against homosexuality.