Temporary House - 2005/2006

Here is a picture of my temporary house/ apartment. It is an okay house. It has some pluses and minuses. Some pluses would be that I have a bedroom of my own for the first time, which I absolutely love. It is a master bedroom size and I am thankful that I have it. A minus is that there is no central air and heat, and if you have been to New Orleans during the summer, you know how valued central air and heat is. We have wall units, so there is some air condition, but during the summer it will get pretty humid. Another plus to this house is that it is right around the corner from school. My sister and I now walk to and from school and it saves my parents from driving us there. Another minus is that it is a double, so I have to be careful of the people living next door. I can’t practice my flute or play music after about 9:00 because I never know if the people next door are awake or not. Overall, it is an okay house and it is a good temporary spot until my real home gets finished and hopefully that will be soon.