Moving Home? - 2005/2006

Out of the things I miss after the storm and trust me, there’s a lot to miss, I miss my house most of all. My house unfortunately was not spared by the flowing waters from the 17th street canal. It didn’t flood badly, just 2 feet, but it was enough to totally screw everything up. And a thing that made it worse was that before the storm, my house had so much stuff in it that it could go on the show Clean Sweep and that did not help in clearing it out. Now, 4 months later, our house is almost cleared out and ready to be gutted. We don’t know exactly when the gutting will start because we are waiting for people to call us back, and if the city wants us to raise our house. I hope it will be soon because I can’t wait any longer to get back in my house. I’m a sophomore right now and I really don’t want to be a senior and just be moving back into my house and then have to move out in a few months for college, that would not be cool at all. Well, hopefully things will start to pick up the pace in a few weeks and hopefully I’ll be back in my house by later this year.