Mardi Gras - 2005/2006

Every year around this time, I always get really excited because Mardi Gras is coming. I love going to all of the parades and hanging out w/ people and just having fun. This year is different. I am looking forward to Mardi Gras like I have never done so before. It will be soooo great going down on St. Charles Avenue, or the Avenue, as the locals call it, and setting up our ladder and just having fun. I can not wait. This week, the small parades start, like Krewe de Vieux in the Quarter, the local name for the French Quarter. Also the annual block party we always go to is this Saturday. Next week is when all of the fun starts. Next Saturday and Sunday all day the good parades start and everything goes up from there until the climax on Tuesday February 28, Mardi Gras. One thing that is different but exciting is that this year, this huge parade Endymion is taking an uptown route instead of its usual mid city route. This means that I can watch this beautiful, famous, and downright fun parade. That is just the beginning. The next day a friend and I are going to the luncheon of the best parade in the world, Bacchus, where we might be able to meet the king of Bacchus, Michael Keaton!!!!! Mardi Gras this year is going to be the best and I really, really can’t wait for it to come.