Historic Election - 2005/2006

This past Saturday was probably the most important day politically in the history of New Orleans. It was the mayoral election. 23 candidates from all over the city ran and the people came to the polls to vote who they wanted for mayor. This important election would show who would be in charge of the initial and most important rebuilding actions of New Orleans. They would also be the person remembered for getting the rebuilding started and steering it in the right direction. Since no person had over 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff between the top 2 vote getters, Ray Nagin, the mayor right now, and Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu, who happens to be a friend of our family. The runoff is scheduled for May 15 and it will decide who will have the important job of starting the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. I believe that Mayor Nagin and Lieutenant governor Landrieu will both do a good job if they get elected and they will start the city off in the right direction.