Break from Reality - 2005/2006

Going back to Newman after the ordeal of Katrina was good, but there was a strange feeling to it. After all, my family and I had been here through the storm and had enough to deal with. Now at Newman, my classes are a lot bigger, and I have a whole different daily schedule to work with. One thing that didn’t change though was the fine arts that I am involved in, Band and starting this year, Chorus. Going back to those two classes was probably the best feeling I ever had. In the midst of all of this uncertainty I could still at least enjoy the one thing I love more than anything, music.

Since I am an avid flute player, going back to band was incredible. Playing the flute makes me leap into this world of beauty and peace and getting to do it again was soothing. It gives me a small break from reality and it sure was great to get back to it. After all I have been through; a break from reality is very helpful. Chorus is the same way too. Even though I am not a very good singer, I love to sing period and being surrounded by people singing in such pretty chords and melodies gives me chills. It was so incredible getting back to band and chorus and it showed me a thing about music that I didn’t know. It showed me its power to sooth and relieve. If it wasn’t such a part of my life I would be handling all of these situations a lot more differently and things would be totally different.