Two Great Cities - 2005/2006

New York is one of the amazing places. You see it in the movies and think it couldn’t possibly be that spectacular, but it is. The streets actually sparkle with glitter, ironic as that may seem considering their dirty state. The streets are bordered with light and moving picture advertisements that promote the latest gadget or Broadway play. Everything in New York is larger than life. You get the feeling just by being there that all your dreams have the possibility of coming true. That must be what Frank meant when he said, “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.” The most mesmerizing part was Broadway and the plays we went to. The actors had this amazing ability to entertain. They could sing, dance, or just get you wrapped up in a story that unfolded before your eyes. Beauty and the Beast was particularly surprising. The elaborate sets and brilliant costumes were so intricate that I could only watch in awe. As a memento, I bought a small photo portrait of the street sign “Broadway.” I’ll at least have the memory of what it was like to stand on the actual corner.

Before I left New Orleans a teacher told me that New York reminded her of the N.O. Walking the streets of New York, I could see the connection. Downtown New Orleans and New York have many similarities: the busy streets packed with people and the buildings packed close together on every corner. New York is more hi-tech however, the newer version of our traditional city. New Orleans has it own unique charms like our delicious Cajun home cooking, (I could not find food in New York that could compare to it), our brought-to-life heritage on the streets of the French Quarter, and yes, Mardi Gras. This made me think that perhaps to a native New Yorker, our city also has a unique and interesting glow.

Mardi Gras was successful this year, though I was not a part of it. I heard numerous times from people of all different ages that it was the best Mardi Gras ever. The turnout was lower than usual, but it was a rebuilding year. By all accounts, it was quality not quantity that made this year so memorable.

While I was living out my New York dreams, my friends were enjoying the beauty of New Orleans. Two great cities filled with unbelievable sites and packed with interesting people.