Spirit Rally - 2005/2006

The annual Chapelle tradition of Spirit Rally was pushed back this year but not cancelled. Our school spirit was back and more powerful than ever as we prepared for our school’s battle of the classes. Rally, a New Orleans girls’ Catholic school tradition, is a time where all the grade levels come together compete in cheering, games, and even a skit presentation representing a theme chosen by each class. These are definitely some of the most memorable times of my life as a Chapelle Chipmunk. Rally also proves that there is one thing Katrina did not stop… our school spirit! Although, finding a location to prepare for this day was a little more difficult because many of us are living in apartments and other temporary housing.

On Friday, Rally Day came. The competition was close, but the Seniors were named victorious. We broke into tears of joy as they called out the class of 06’ as this year’s Rally winners. All the hard work was worth it. Rally was over, but this day will be remembered forever. Hurricane Katrina may have interrupted our lives, but she did not destroy the memories that matter most.