Rebuilding Hope - 2005/2006

I am in a service organization known as Matthew 25. As one of our service projects, we participated in Habitat for Humanity. We go to places in New Orleans and help to build low cost housing for the people who can not afford a home, but need a place for their families to live. After Hurricane Katrina, I wondered if these organizations would have any motivation to keep building with so many communities destroyed. But, there we were helping to build another Habitat home with its future owners there to work beside us.

Instead of being let down by Katrina destruction’s, the resident was hopeful at the thought of a place to call home. Though some houses around her were vacant because their owners evacuated, there were a few places where people still remained. These houses had survived much water damage, but unlike the 9th ward they were not just remains and rubble. An older Habitat house on the corner still stood tall with only severe water damage. The structural integrity of the house was still intact. I felt happy to be part of something substantial that would make a difference in someone’s life. It’s that little bit of Hope that keeps you believing.