Ready or Not - 2005/2006

With the end of senior year close at hand, the time to make my decision about college has arrived. The truth is- I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. I just know what I want to feel. I want to walk on to a campus and know that this is the place I want to be for the next four years, the place is where I will become who I want to be, while making new friends and overcoming obstacles I never thought I could. I want to just walk in and know that this is the place where I belong. But maybe it doesn’t happen like that.

My mom insists on a place that is not too far away from home, so she can get to me if needed. Other than that she wants a college that is known for my intended major- mass communications. My dad is looking for a school with a good reputation and a safe campus. I would like a place with a good theatre program and lots of friendly faces. It is also important for my school to have some kind of religious affiliation or a Catholic Church close by. As long as God is with me, I can get through college. Though I think I am now ready, I can’t help but have a few butterflies in my stomach at the thought of approaching independence. Freedom is welcomed, but even birds get nervous when they fly on their own for the first time.

Maybe finding a college will not happen the way I picture it. Maybe it takes actually living on campus to make it feel like home. As senior year comes to an end and the search continues, I find the pressure mounting. This is just the first of my major life decisions, decisions that mom and dad can’t make for me. I guess this is what it means to become an adult. Ready or not- it’s time! I just hope I’m ready.