No Place to Celebrate - 2005/2006

I experienced the effects of Katrina again today. Not in a big way but in a way that was significant. After our performance, the cast of our high school play wanted to celebrate. Usually, teens who recently discovered their partial independence in a license, find joy in the freedom of driving to their place of choice to eat. However, because of Katrina, the selections were slim. Few places were even open. McDonald’s closed before the play even started around 6 o’clock and even Wal-Mart closes at 5 something; (I have yet to adapt to this). One of the only food places open was Raising Canes whose drive through line was out of the parking lot and the inside wait was over twenty minutes. My friends and I desperate for food of celebration, finally found a place to banquet. It was at the Baskin Robbins. Though prices were steep; we were happy for the time spent with friends.

Many nights while in the car with friends, negative comments in reference to Katrina come up when normal areas of life have been changed inconveniently. Comments such as “stupid Katrina” and more vulgar “French” arise from many mouths when the effects of Katrina stand in the way of our happiness.

But despite the inconvenience, we are all happy just to be back home. Even though a complaint may be heard here or there, we would all rather be among friends amid the miles away. While we were away we all yearned for home, and now that we have returned we have found that spending time with friends can be had in any situation, even if it’s just hanging together in a parking lot outside of a thankfully open Dunkin’ Donuts or Baskin Robbins. You realize the importance is in who you’re with and not where you are.