State of the Union - Fall 2005

In President’s State of the Union Address, a lot was mentioned on several topics. For the most part, President Bush was defending his positions and actions on issues like the war in Iraq and the “terrorist surveillance program” which ‘allowed’ the president to eavesdrop on anybody who was suspected of being affiliated with a terrorist organization without the court’s permission. Also expected in the President’s speech was a segment dedicated to the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita; however, there was little said about the areas affected by the hurricanes. In fact, it was reported that there were only 6 sentences devoted to the gulf coast and that came after forty-six minutes of a fifty-one minute speech. And all that the president said were things that the people have already heard before. So overall, I think that the speech was pretty uninspiring, especially to the people who are trying to rebuild and who are trying to find a reason to rebuild and stay in New Orleans.