Search and Rescue X - Fall 2005

Just drive around the city and you will see the now infamous ‘Search-and-Rescue X’ spray painted on almost every building in the city, and sometimes more than once, usually in the more devastated areas. Before Katrina, people would have no idea what you were talking about, but now it is something that the residents are all too familiar with. The date was put in the top space, the initials of the person who checked the building on the left, number of victims found on the right, and the number of victims found dead on the bottom. There are many variations to the format depending on the person or team who checked the building, but they all tell the same story. Interestingly enough, when my family came back to the city for the first time, we came to see that there was no X on our house or for that matter there were no X’s on any of the houses on our block, so we decided to take matters into our hands. I put my initials in the left space and looked around the area for a common date that our area was checked which was 9/12.